Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law offers students a broad range of courses/disciplines related to Law and Criminology in all cycles of study and the aim of the Faculty is to have progress and excellence in professional legal education in accordance with highest international standards of quality, by providing a valuable contribution for further development of the legal system, legal science and professional lawyers in the country and beyond.

Study programs are designed in accordance with the Bologna process and European experience through the full implementation of the European Credit Transfer System, by enabling student mobility in the country and abroad, in which recognition of the diploma in the European countries that are part of Bologna process is ensured. Our programs also stimulate critical thinking in order for our students to be creative and respected professionals in the country, region and Europe.

The Faculty of Law has made a tradition every April in organizing study visits with final semester students to Law Faculties and important European institutions, such as: the International Court in  the Hague, the European Parliament, the European Commission, the Faculty of Law in Bologna, the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana, the Belgium Parliament, and the European Court of Justice Strasburg.

Proceedings of previous conferences: