Institute of Max van der Stoel

Max van den Stoel Institute is a scientific institute of humanitarian sciences with a special focus on inter-disciplinary fields of social sciences, preventive diplomacy, inter-cultural reconciliation, conflict resolution, conflict prevention, etc.

Established as an scientific-academic unit of the University on 21.03.2012, Max van den Stoel Scientific Institute was named according to the name of the former OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities Max van der Stoel (1924-2011) who used to be very active in the region with his diplomatic efforts on conflict prevention and as one of the main initiators for establishing the South East European University. 

On September 2012, the Institute was registered at the Ministry of Education and Science in the register of the entities which perform scientific, research and educational activity.

The mission of the Institute “Max van den Stoel” is development and organization of research and education activities in the field of humanitarian sciences: political sciences, international relations, law and public administration and as well as inter-disciplinary areas of preventive diplomacy, inter cultural reconciliation, conflict resolution and conflict prevention.

The Institute’s key activity is research (development and implementation of the research projects).

The final goal of the Institute is to develop a clime where the scientific truth will be the most important criteria in developing an open rational society that will face regional challenges and global challenges by contributing to the development of a safer and better world.

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