Multilingualism as a Challenge of a Linguistic, Literary and Cultural Communication

International Scientific Multilingual Conference

Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communication & Language Center

19-20 September 2019, SEEU Tetovo, North Macedonia

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Dear scholars,
You are invited to participate in the Multilingual International Conference, to be held at the Southeast European University, in Tetovo, North Macedonia, on September 19-20, 2019.
Multilingualism is an ever increasing phenomenon in today’s societies and can be approached from very different viewpoints. The process of globalization has created a suitable environment for learning and speaking foreign languages. Therefore, multilingualism is becoming a societal imperative. In this respect, the Southeast European University has continued to pursue the policy of “flexible” use of languages by maintaining and nurturing its multilingual and multicultural character and profile.
The main aim of this conference shall be to bring together scholars whose professional preoccupation is English, Albanian, German and Macedonian language, literature and culture. It is an international conference as many scholars are expected to come from the region and/or beyond.
Except for prominent scholars in the mentioned scientific fields, we also expect postgraduate students from various countries, whose main interest is in the field of English, Albanian, German and Macedonian language, literature and culture to attend.
The topics to consider for this conference shall primarily be related but not necessarily limited to English, Albanian, German and Macedonian language, literature and culture , either as separate entities under scholarly discussions, or comparative ones, which would also include related contexts in determined scientific levels and interpretations. Specifically speaking, topics should include the following:
  • English language and literature studies
  • Albanian Language and Literature
  • German Language and Literature
  • Macedonian Language and Literature
  • Communication Sciences and International Communication
  • Cultural Studies
  • Challenges and Possibilities of multilingualism in schools and universities
  • Applied Linguistics
  • Educational Sciences
  • Multilingualism and Multiculturalism
Organizing Committee
Organizing Committee
  1. Andrew Godspeed (South East European University)
  2. Arafat Shabani (South East European University)
  3. Brikena Xhaferi, (South East European University)
  4. Gëzim Xhaferi (South East European University)
  5. Zeqir Kadriu (South East European University)
  6. Meral Shehabi -Veseli (South East European University)
  7. Veronika Kareva (South East European University)
  8. Bujar Hoxha (South East European University)
  9. Demush Bajrami (South East European University)
  10. Agim Poshka (South East European University)
  11. Besa Bytyqi (South East European University)
  12. Rashid Emini (South East European University)
  13. Elena Spirovska (South East European University)
  14. Liljana Siljanovska (South East European University)
  15. Blagojka Zdravkovska-Adamova (South East European University)
  16. Fatmire Vejseli (South East European University)
  17. Hajrulla Hajrullai (South East European University)
  18. Merita Ismaili (South East European University)
  19. Lumturije Bajrami (South East European University)
  20. Vjosa Vela (South East European University)
  21. Daniela Kirovska (South East European University)
  22. Marjana Marjanoviç (South East European University)
  23. Aleksandra Taneska (South East European University)
  24. Luljeta Adili- Çeliku (University Kiril i Metodi)
  25. Rufat Osmani (South East European University)
  26. Basri Saliu (South East European University)
  27. Kujtim Ramadani (South East European University)
  28. Arta Toçi (South East European University)
  29. Keti Miteva – Markovikj (South East European University)
  30. Neda Radosavleviq (South East European University)
Scientific Committee
Scientific Committee
  1. Andrew Goodspeed (South East European University, North Macedonia)
  2. Gianni Belluscio (Universiteti i Kalabrisë, Kozencë, Italy)
  3. Begzad Baliu (Universiteti i Prishtinës, Kosovo)
  4. Bardhyl Musai (Universiteti i Tiranës, Albania)
  5. Pavel Zgaga, (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  6. Paul Foster, (Montana State University, Billings, USA)
  7. Nadezhda Stojkovic (University of Nis, Serbia)
  8. Benjamin Keatinge (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
  9. Nalan Eren Kenny (King’s Leadership Academy, Liverpool, United Kingdom)
  10. Alan James (University of Klagenfurt, Austria)
  11. Ece Dillioğlu (Trakya Üniversitesi, Turkey)
All accepted papers shall be published in a Book of Proceedings by the Scientific Committee of the Conference in December 2019.
Participation and publication costs:
The participation fee for the Conference is 40 Euros (for the first author), whereas the second or third author shall pay 20 Euros. Undergraduate students are required to pay 20 Euros. The participation fee shall include the following: conference materials, the book of abstracts and proceedings, as well as the cocktail and the certificate of participation. The participants who travel from abroad, shall pay for their accommodation costs.
Scholars who won’t be able to attend and present at the conference but want to have their papers published, will have to pay a 100 Euros fee.
Bank Account Information for Conference fee:
Payment details in Denar: Bank account details for the transfer-MKD:
Name of the Partner Institution South East European University – Tetovo
Address of the Partner Institution Str. Ilindenska no.335, 1200 Tetovo Macedonia
Name of the Bank STOPANSKA BANKA
Address of the bank Bul. M. Tito bb Tetovo Macedonia
Tax ID Number 4028003134292
Account Number 200-001161622619

Payment details in Euro: SEEU Bank account details for transfers in EURO
Name of Institution South East European University – Tetovo
Address “Ilindenska” nn, SEEU Campus 1200 Tetovo, Macedonia
Name of the Bank STOPANSKA BANKA
Address of the bank Boulevard Marshal Tito nn, Tetovo, MACEDONIA
IBAN MK07200000900909026
Account Number 0009009090
Note: The scheduled time for paper presentation sessions is 10 minutes while the discussion will last 5 minutes. Information about the conference program will be sent after the abstracts are reviewed. Papers that are not presented at the conference will not be included in the Book of Proceedings. We are looking forward to your attendance and participation!
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Abstracts should contain a maximum of 250-300 words, and be written in one of the Conference languages, i.e. English, Albanian, German, or Macedonian. Any abstract written in a language other than English, has to be translated into English.
The abstracts should be sent to the following email address:
Important Dates:
The deadline abstract submission: 30 July 2019
Notification on abstract acceptance: 18 August 2019
Deadline for full paper submission: 31 August 2019
Full paper acceptance notification: 6 September 2019
Academic level: This Conference welcomes renowned scholars, postgraduate students, as well as undergraduate students accompanied with their supervisors and/or mentors.
Presentations can be delivered in four languages: English, Albanian, German and Macedonian. Poster presentations shall be considered only for undergraduate students.
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Abstracts should be send to:

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