Track 1:Growth and DevelopmentTrack 2: Public Policy and Social ImpactTrack 3: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Family BusinessTrack 4: Business challenges and perspectivesTrack 5: Marketing and Management IssuesTrack 6: ICT Innovation in Business and Public Sector
1.1. Macroeconomic stability in transition economies
1.2. Economic growth and well-being
1.3. Inequality and Growth
1.4. Financial markets and institutions
1.5. Challenges of Monetary Economics
1.5. Fiscal consolidation and effective public sector
1.6. Infrastructure development
1.7. Knowledge economy: theory and application
1.8. Finance, banking and accounting
2.1. Labor market and wages
2.2. Migration and labor migration
2.3. Social Innovation
2.4. Social Cohesion in transition countries
2.5. Industrial policy strategy
2.6. Policies and Institutions supporting firm transition
2.7. Diversity, Inequality and Human Well-being;
2.8. The sharing economy
2.9. Education: The Impact on the Development of Society Internationalization and Integration
2.10. Poverty Reduction Strategies
2.11. Challenges for health care systems
2.12. Challenges of social protection programs
3.1. Entrepreneurship Theory Development
3.2. Entrepreneurial Marketing
3.3. Entrepreneurial Finance
3.4. Entrepreneurial Education
3.5. Women Entrepreneurship
3.6. Open innovation and knowledge spillover
3.7. Green Entrepreneurship
3.8. Governmental and Regional Policies on Entrepreneurship and Innovation
3.9. Sustainability of Family Business
3.10. Succession Planning and Family Conflicts
4.1. Business-state relations and corporate social performance
4.2. Business elites and top management teams
4.3. Strategy and innovation
4.4. Operations management, business logistics and supply chain management
4.5. Corporate governance and corporate communications
4.6. Human resource management and organizational behavior
4.7. Competition in specific/different market(s)
4.8. Human resources and tourism labor market challenges
4.9. Human capital, education and innovation
4.10. Business Law
5.1. Marketing management and consumer behavior
5.2. Management and leadership
5.3. Tourism and hospitality management and marketing issues
5.4. Customer Relationship Marketing
5.5. Sustainability Marketing, a Global Perspective
5.6. Social Media Marketing
5.7. Digital Marketing
6.1. E-government
6.2. ICT management
6.3. Digital transformation
6.4 Cryptocurrencies – challenges and opportunities for financial markets
6.5 Robotization, artificial intelligence, and labor market
6.6 Artificial intelligence and customer service industry

All papers discussing other challenging issues related to the general topic of the Conference will be considered as well.