Rule of Law, Governance and Society in the Time of Pandemic

The Second Online International Scientific Conference on Social and Legal Sciences (OISCSLS ’20)

27 February, 2021, Skopje/Tetovo, North Macedonia

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The Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Contemporary Social Sciences are announcing a Call for Papers for the Second Online International Scientific Conference on Social and Legal Sciences. The 2020 Conference topic is: “Rule of Law, Governance and Society in the time of Pandemic”.
With recent government restrictions set to curb the impact of Covid-19 on public health, there have also been impacts on justice systems around the world. Citizens face increased oversight. All over the world, the fear of democratic values is growing. What is the impact of pandemics on the Rule of Law and Society? Are governments finding the right balance between public health and the Rule of Law, or are they going too far? Are Rule of Law and democratic values at stake? What are the best practices of good governance and leadership during and after Covid-19? This conference will examine the various legal and political aspects of the concerns raised.
Our Conference seeks to facilitate a multi-disciplinary debate and platform between scholars from legal and social sciences that examines recent developments and prospects in National, European and International level; We encourage papers that also concentrate on best practices and lessons learned during and after Covid-19.
Authors are invited to submit papers on any subject related to and within the scope of the Conference topic. Submissions from academics, researchers and practitioners at any stage of their career, including PhD and MA students, will be accepted.
Topics to be covered include, amongst others:
  • Rule of Law and Human Rights in the time of Pandemic
  • New Social Normality
  • Administration of Justice in the time of Pandemic
  • Challenges and Opportunities in Governance in Pandemic Era
  • Influence of Pandemic on the Discharge of the Legal Obligations
To be announced
Faculty of Contemporary Social Sciences
Organizing Committee
  • Prof. Agron Rustemi
  • Prof. Merita Zylfiu
  • MA Besa Kadriu, PhD Candidate
  • MA Pajtim Thaci, PhD candidate
  • MA Fatime Hasani
Scientific Committee
  • Prof. Memet Memeti, SEE University
  • Prof. Jonuz Abdullai, SEE University
  • Prof. Veli Kreci, SEE University
  • Prof. Ali Pajaziti, SEE University
  • Prof. Abdulla Azizi SEE University
  • Prof. Zemri Elezi SEEU University
  • Prof. Etem Aziri SEEU University
  • Prof. Pawel Swianiewicz, University of Warsaw
  • Prof. Irena Baclija, University of Ljubljana
  • Prof. Ana Fenko Bojinovic, University of Ljubljana
  • Prof. Katarina Staranova, Comenius University
  • Prof. Hasan Jashari, SEE University
  • Prof. Huseyin Gul, Suleyman Demirel University
  • Prof. Philip Murphy, Middlebury Institute of International Studies of Monterey
  • Prof. Milan Jazbec, University of Ljubljana
  • Prof. Gordana Djurovic, University of Montenegro
  • Prof. Sonja Cindori, University of Zagreb
  • Prof. Afrim Hoti, University of Prishtina
  • Prof. Aleksandar Stojkov, University of Cyril and Methodius Skopje
  • Prof. Merita Xhumari, University of Tirana
  • Prof. Ylber Sela, Tetovo University
  • Prof. Jan Mus, Vistula University
Faculty of Law
Organizing Committee
  • Doc. Dr. Arta Selmani
  • Doc. Dr. Sami Mehmeti
  • Doc. Dr. Blerta Arifi
  • MA Vullnet Besimi,PhD candidate
Scientific Committee
  • Prof. Adnan Jashari, SEE University
  • Prof. Jeton Shasivari, SEE University
  • Prof. Bekim Nuhija, SEE University
  • Prof. Besa Arifi, SEE University
  • Prof. Emine Zendeli, SEE University
  • Prof. Ismail Zejneli, SEE University
  • Prof. Reinhard Marcus Priebe
  • Prof. Jan De Groof,
  • Prof. Ioannis Armakolas
  • Prof. Florian Bieber
  • Prof. Jan M. Smits
  • Prof. Andrew Sanders
  • Prof. Abdullah Islamoglu
  • Prof. JudithAnne McLauchlan
  • Prof. Vlado Kambovski, MANU
  • Prof. Gentian Zyberi
  • Prof. Edward Queen
  • Prof. Vigjilenca Abazi
  • Prof. Goran Koevski, Law Faculty Skopje
  • Prof. Hajredin Kuçi, Law Faculty Prishtina
  • Prof. Visar Morina, Law Faculty Prishtina
Practitioner and academic staff: 30 euro
PhD Candidates: 15 euro
Late registration: 50 euro
Bank Account Information for Conference fee:
Payment details in Denar: Bank account details for the transfer-MKD:
Name of the Partner Institution South East European University – Tetovo
Address of the Partner Institution Str. Ilindenska no.335, 1200 Tetovo Macedonia
Name of the Bank STOPANSKA BANKA
Address of the bank Bul. M. Tito bb Tetovo Macedonia
Tax ID Number 4028003134292
Account Number 200-001161622619

Payment details in Euro:
SEEU Bank account details for transfers in EURO
Name of Institution South East European University – Tetovo
Address “Ilindenska” nn, SEEU Campus 1200 Tetovo, Macedonia
Name of the Bank STOPANSKA BANKA
Address of the bank Boulevard Marshal Tito nn, Tetovo, MACEDONIA
IBAN MK07200000900909026
Account Number 0009009090
Authors are invited to submit original papers that have neither been published nor under publication considerations elsewhere. Papers should be written in English using MS Word, and will be selected through a blind review process. Authors are solely responsible for language editing and ethics/legal issues for submitted works.
Work should be submitted on the following email: The Conference Book will be published online in electronic form.
Abstract Template: Paper Template:
Important Dates:
Conference Date: 27 February 2021
Abstract Submission: 25 October 2020
Information for accepted abstract: 29 October 2020
Registration and payment: 3 November 2020
Full Paper submission: 31 December 2020
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